New Civil 3D App - Import/Export Surface Analysis

By admin_Steve, 07/31/2013 - 23:24
C3D Import / Export Surface Analysis

Looking to apply a surface analysis from one surface to another? Now there's an app available for just that!!

Find the app here for purchase from the Exchange Store: C3D Import/Export Surface Analysis

The app exports surface analysis and corresponding properties to text file with a click of one button and a surface selection. Then, as needed it will import a selected text file (previously exported) and applies new surface analysis with inherited properties to selected surface. It also has built in option to verify the style is setup correctly for viewing the analysis.

The app handles 5 different surface analysis types; Contour, Directional, Elevation, Slope, and Slope Arrows. Installing the app provides separate Import and Export commands for each analysis type, housed under one drop down ribbon button. Importing and exporting of analysis is easily achieved through the steps below.

Exporting Surface Analysis:
1. Begin with a surface that has an analysis applied to it.

2. Once the analysis is setup the desired way, run the export command associated with the analysis type.

3. When prompted, save the *.anl file (text file) to a desired location.

4. Export is complete. You may modify this file's settings prior to importing if you'd like. Just be sure to use the exact format explained in the export file.

Importing Surface Analysis:
1. Open the drawing that contains the surface to apply an analysis to.

2. Run the associated analysis import command.

3. Select the surface and browse to the *.anl text file, exported earlier.

4. The application will build the surface analysis in a similar fashion as exported.

5. It will then check to see if your current style has the appropriate settings for viewing the analysis, if not you will be prompted to find a style that is setup for viewing the analysis and applying that style to the surface.

6. If a surface style set for viewing that type of analysis is not found, you will then be prompted to modify the current surface style settings to make it capable of viewing that analysis.

NOTE: There is one known glitch in the app that resides in the Civil 3D API on the contour analysis import/export. The API does not allow for setting the minor contour colors in the analysis. As soon as a fix is issued, an update will be submitted.

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