C3D Import/Export Surface Labels

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Import/Export Surface labels allows for storing surface label positions, drag state positions, styles, and settings into an external file. The file can be imported and will create new labels with the stored properties applied to a selected surface.

Exporting Labels:
1. Select the surface label type desired for export by checking the corresponding checkbox. Upon checking, if the drawing has the selected label type, corresponding abel styles and surfaces referenced by those labels will populate into two lists.

2. Select the desired label style(s) and surface(s) for gathering labels using each style and surface. Multiple selection is allowed.

3. Click Export Labels and a text file called 'ExportLabels.txt' will be created in the same path as the current drawing containing all the necessary data to recreate the exported labels. This text file can be renamed and/or relocated if desired.

4. To import the labels, run the Import Surface Labels command. Command begins by prompting for the exported text file. Default directory is the current drawing directory and it looks for a text file called 'ExportLabels.txt'. Browsing for a different file path/name is allowed if needed.

Import Labels:
1. Upon selecting the exported text file, labels are read by line and brought in as a preview showing each labels corresponding data properties. There is no need to select a label type as the type is stored in the exported file. If text file content is modified incorrectly outside of Civil 3D, the command parses out invalid data. A surface list will also appear containing all of the surfaces in the current drawing file.

2. Select the desired surface to apply the labels to. Note that only one surface is allowed in this selection. Every label in the Labels to Import list will be imported and referenced to the selected surface IF it falls on that surface. Labels with coordinates outside of the selected surfaces minimum and maximum coordinates will not be added.

3. Click Import Labels. Labels are recreated maintaining coordinate positions, text positions, and styles. Note that if a style does not exist in the current drawing, a temporary random style is selected from the current drawing and applied to the label. These can be individually modified through each of the label's properties as needed.

Click here to purchase from the Exchange Store: C3D Import/Export Surface Labels

We also have this app available in 2011 and 2012 versions. Please email if needed.